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Firm Overview

HANNA Construction Engineering was founded by Max Sadeghian over 40 years ago, holding licenses: Class “A” – General Engineering, Class “B” – General Building, and Class “C”-8 – Concrete. HANNA specializes in ground-up multifamily development, with 100’s of units built over the past four decades throughout California. Additionally, HANNA has completed countless residential, commercial, government and public works projects.

Subterranean Construction

The HANNA team are experts in the advanced skill of subterranean construction, likely a preliminary stage to our completion of your building from start to finish. Including but not limited to: demolition, earthmoving, shoring, retaining walls, foundation, grading and underground garages for apartment and commercial buildings.

Our Licenses

(A) General Engineering

A general engineering contractor is a contractor whose principal contracting business is in connection with fixed works requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skill, including the following divisions or subjects: irrigation, drainage, water power, water supply, flood control, inland waterways, harbors, docks and wharves, shipyards and ports, dams and hydroelectric projects, levees, river control and reclamation works, railroads, highways, streets and roads, tunnels, airports and airways, sewers and sewage disposal plants and systems, waste reduction plants, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and other similar works, pipelines and other systems for the transmission of petroleum and other liquid or gaseous substances, parks, playgrounds and other recreational works, refineries, chemical plants and similar industrial plants requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skill, powerhouses, power plants and other utility plants and installations, mines and metallurgical plants, land leveling and earthmoving projects, excavating, grading, trenching, paving and surfacing work and cement and concrete works in connection with the above mentioned fixed works.

(B) General Building

A general building contractor is a contractor whose principal contracting business is in connection with any structure built, being built, or to be built, for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons, animals, chattels, or movable property of any kind, requiring in its construction the use of at least two unrelated building trades or crafts, or to do or superintend the whole or any part thereof.

(C-8) Concrete

A concrete contractor forms, pours, places, finishes and installs specified mass, pavement, flat and other concrete work; and places and sets screeds for pavements or flatwork. This class shall not include contractors whose sole contracting business is the application of plaster coatings or the placing and erecting of steel or bars for the reinforcing of mass, pavement, flat and other concrete work.

Building Inspiring Spaces

Whether a 5-unit luxury condominium building, or a 70-unit apartment building, if you can imagine it, HANNA can build it.

Executive Team

Max Sadeghian
Max Sadeghian
HANNA Construction Engineering was founded by Max Sadeghian over 40 years ago. Over the course of his career he has developed a large repeat client base through consistently exceeding expectations. Mr. Sadeghian is involved in every HANNA project and maintains hands-on involvement and responsibility for all construction operations through project completion. With a background in aeronautical engineering, Mr. Sadeghian brings attention to detail, creativity and effective risk management when undertaking the responsibilities of a new project.
David B. Zand
David B. Zand
Prior to joining HANNA Construction Engineering, Mr. Zand served as a Planner in the Community Development Department at the City of Torrance. Mr. Zand holds a Bachelors (B.A.) in Urban Studies and Planning from Loyola Marymount University, as well as a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Pepperdine School of Law. Mr Zand’s responsibilities include business development, administration and management of projects.